MTT assay instead of the clonogenic assay in measuring the response of cells to ionizing radiation

Safora Nikzad, Bijan Hashemi


Although the clonogenic assay is the traditional method in determination of the response of cell lines to irradiation and in drawing the survival curves, but this method has some important defects such as the time taken to form clonies, inability to measure survival in cells which do not grow as clonies, and low sample throughput. Therefore, investigating other methods to situate this method is needed. One of the easy methods used widely in investigation of the effect of different treatments on cell lines, is the MTT assay. The MTT assay is a sensitive and accurate method and some researchers have used this method, considering its’ several advantages such as relative low cost, short time to assess the samples and the possibility of acquiring the results semi-automatically. However, for this method, there are some restrictions/limitations and some important factors that should be discussed. In this paper, firstly, the standard procedure in using the clonogenic and MTT assay is described according to the standard protocols, then, different methods proposed in diverse researches in using MTT assay in calculating the cell survival instead of the clonogenic assay have been explained and compared.

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